Dream Beyond the Classroom

 Are you a teacher looking to:

  1. feel more inspired or challenged?
  2. have more work-life balance?
  3. unleash your creativity?
  4. be your own boss?
  5. connect with people globally?
  6. travel at any time of the year (not just school holidays)?
  7. grow as a teaching professional?
  8. and make money from your skills?

Then being a teacherpreneur* could be for you!

*teacherpreneur: (n) an educator who combines his/her creativity, skills and expertise to develop products, resources and/or services for additional income

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Who am I?

My name is Patrice Palmer and I reside in Canada.  I have more than 22 years’ experience as an adult educator, trainer and writer in Canada.  I spent 7 amazing years teaching in Hong Kong and have taught students from 8 to 80 in a variety of programs such as ESP, EAP, vocational and Business English. 

My educational background includes a Master of Education from Brock University, a Master of Arts from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto, and two certificates in Positive Psychology from Wilfred Laurier University.   I have several TESL credentials.

Being a teacherpreneur means doing the things I love such as writing books, developing resources, coaching and travelling at any time of the year. 

My Side Hustles

Teacher to Teacherpreneur

Teachers have many transferable skills that can be monetized. My goal is to help teachers move from dreaming to doing to earn income by combining creativity, skills and expertise. 

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Training and Consulting

I provide local and international training and consulting.  In July 2018, I worked with the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce's Training Institute in Ethiopia and worked with the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana in 2016.

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I apply the science of positive psychology or human flourishing in my workshops including teacher self-care workshops and presentations.

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My first book has been published by Alphabet Publishing.  I'm currently writing my second book on teacher self-care.


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Teacherpreneur School

Download resources to get you started on your own journey as a teacherpreneur.

The Essential Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit

$25.00 CAD

Are you a teacher looking to - try new things?- engage in more creative work?- control the amount of work you desi...

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10 Tips to Transition from Teacher to Teacherpreneur


Teachers have many transferrable skills.  Find out how I entered the world of teacherpreneurship and how you can...

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Social Media Make-over Checklist for Teacherpreneurs


Do you know how to use social media to boost your online presence?  Do your current social media profiles prom...

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Teacherpreneur Tactics


Teacherpreneurs need specific tactics in order to gain an advantage or succeed.  This resource is a compilation ...

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"Many teachers feel that they would like to do something different with their teaching skills, or simply work in a different context such as teaching online. However, not many of us know how to start. With the skills that only an expert teacher has, Patrice's The Essential Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit will help you start. Her words are simple yet wise. She goes over all those topics that will matter to you such as branding, niche, transferrable skills, social media and networking, and makes it all approachable. She shares her experience and expertise to show us that making the transition from teacher to teacherpreneur is just round the corner. "

Diana Bauducco
EFL teacher and Content Writer, London, England

"I bought The Essential Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit. I highly recommend it to a teacher who would like to become entrepreneur. It is full of excellent tips. "

Pierre Epoh
ESL Teacher and Materials Writer, London, UK

"Your idea of interviewing teacherpreneurs and gathering all the info in one place is fabulous! It's very useful and inspiring. I remember that 10 years ago, when I started my own teaching business, I looked for model stories, but I found none. So hats off for this. I'm lucky to be inspired by models like you! It's so good to see that more and more teachers have the courage to set up their own business!"

Camelia (Strilciuc) Martincu
General and Business English Teacherpreneur, Romania

"Your interview on Finding your Niche as part of the Online Teacher Summit was amazing. It was a game-changer for me. Thank you! "

Bebel Edwards
Online Language Teacher, USA

"Thank you for empowering teachers to go one step ahead."

Mauricio Cataldo
ELT Educator, Chile

"I have been working for different companies for many years and now have the courage to start my own business. I'm ready to become a teacherpreneur. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. "

Karina Llopart
Online Spanish Teacher, Argentina

"Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciated you being honest about not being well suited to work with younger students. I tried working with elementary children in China, the pay was great and the scheduling was perfect for me, but I am not a good fit for young learners. I do not meet many ESL professionals that prefer to work with adults, so I really appreciated hearing you talk about that. I don't feel so alone anymore. I will be using the information you so generously shared to help me find my niche and grow my freelance ESL service."

Darlene Denis
Online English Teacher, USA

"Thanks for your excellent workshop at the TESL conference. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how we can combine entrepreneurial skills with classroom experience to enhance careers and turn teaching into a profitable experience. Because ESL assignments are sporadic and difficult to predict, I’d like apply workshop content and your advice. I purchased your Toolkit and I look forward to putting your counsel and services into practice. You are the ideal model for teachers who are thinking of striking out on their own."

Edward Laba
Edward Laba & Associates, Business Writing & Corporate Communication Services

"Starting out as an entrepreneur in the education sector was hard for me. One does need a little assurance for the road ahead. That's when Patrice played a very important role. Despite being from the other side of the globe, she was able to spot out my venture, understand its context and give me some beautiful insights into my curriculum model along with tons of encouragement. And that did help!"

Raghav Nyati
Curriculum Developer, India

"I attended your Teacher to Teacherpreneur presentation at TESL Ontario wanted to thank you for your presentation. I could see that many people were given the hope that they are able to step out of their regular teacher position or add to it. I believe that as adult educators, we are already drawn to alternative learning, but it was wonderful to see how inspirational you were to others, including myself. Sometimes we just need permission to reach beyond. My need for money and need for helping others have collided to "accidentally" (to use your term) create a new opportunity that I certainly did not plan. In this way, I resonate with your story. "

Lana Johnston
ESL Teacher, Ottawa, Canada

"Patrice is a very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and very encouraging cheerleader for anyone that is seeking to take a leap of faith and become a teacherpreneur. Patrice helped me from the onset when I contacted her about my interest in becoming an ESL tutor. Her Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit is a comprehensive guide on how to get started and contains a vast amount of information that points you in the right direction. If you are looking for someone to help you transition from Teacher to Teacherpreneur, I strongly urge you to seek out Patrice for her expertise. "

Constance Johnson
Online ESL teacher, USA

"I heard you speak at the TESL Ontario conference. You inspired me to become a teacherpreneur which I have now done. Thank you! "

Lily Chong
ESL Instructor

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