Dream Beyond the Classroom

Are you a teacher looking to:

  • feel more inspired or challenged?
  • have more work-life balance?
  • unleash your creativity?
  • be your own boss?
  • connect with people globally?
  • travel at any time of the year (not just school holidays)?
  • grow as a teaching professional?
  • and make money from your skills?

Then being a teacherpreneur* could be for you! 

*teacherpreneur:  (n) an educator who combines his/her creativity, skills and expertise to develop products, resources and/or services for additional income

Then keep reading!

Patrice Palmer, OCELT, CTDP, M.Ed., M.A.

Trainer | Coach | Writer

[email protected]

About Me

After 20 years in the ESL classroom, I now work as a teacherpreneur doing the things I love such as writing courses and e-books; conducting training locally and globally; providing instructional coaching for new teachers; and helping teachers to Dream Beyond the Classroom and become teacherpreneurs!

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Teacher to Teacherpreneur

Teachers have many transferrable skills that can be monetized.  I have developed resources based on my own personal experience of transitioning from teacher to teacherpreneur.

My goal is to help you move from dreaming to doing and get started!

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Why become a teacherpreneur?

  • work from anywhere in the world
  • travel at any time of the year - not just school holidays
  • learn new skills and grow
  • connect with people all over the world
  • earn additional income


Do you want to know how other teachers became teacherpreneurs?

Read more than 40 Interviews with inspiring, international teacherpreneurs.

"Many teachers feel that they would like to do something different with their teaching skills, or simply work in a different context such as teaching online. However, not many of us know how to start. With the skills that only an expert teacher has, Patrice's The Essential Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit will help you start. Her words are simple yet wise. She goes over all those topics that will matter to you such as branding, niche, transferrable skills, social media and networking, and makes it all approachable. She shares her experience and expertise to show us that making the transition from teacher to teacherpreneur is just round the corner. "

Diana Bauducco
EFL teacher and Content Writer, Argentina

"I bought The Essential Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit. I highly recommend it to a teacher who would like to become entrepreneur. It is full of excellent tips. "

Pierre Epoh
ESL Teacher and Materials Writer, London, UK

Teacherpreneur School

Download resources to get you started on your own journey as a teacherpreneur.

The Essential Teacher to Teacherpreneur Toolkit

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