Women of Color in ELT: For Unity and Liberation

elt women of color May 28, 2019

I have met and continue to meet the most interesting and inspiring ELT educators from around the world.  Parisa Mehran is no exception.  I think that Parisa is one of the most active ELTers out there and she constantly strives to find ways to informally and formally teach others about a variety of important issues from stereotyping in our profession to her latest work - Women of Color in ELT.

Please have a read of my short interview with Parisa:

1. Hello again Parisa.  Nice to see you here.  Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Parisa and I am an Iranian English teacher based in Japan. Despite the continued prevalence of the “native speaker” model, I have been teaching English part-time for two years at several Japanese universities and at an English conversation school.

2. What inspired you to start Women of Color in ELT?

I was inspired by Scholars of Color in Language Studies and KOTESOL People of Color Teachers SIG so...

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