Fiona Oates - Online English Language Teacher/Translator/Communication Coach

Fiona Oates wears many hats as an online language teacher, translator, and communication coach.  Read how nursing, improvisation workshops, meditation courses and empowerment training has helped her succeed as a teacherpreneur.

Thanks for agreeing to this interview Fiona.  Can you start off by telling us where you teach? 

I teach, at the moment, online and in the Canary Islands. I have taught in many companies and a few good quality academies in Barcelona, Spain. I lived there for almost 12 years.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching since September 2006.

Can you describe a typical teaching day?

At the moment, I get up early and I head to my classroom that I rent by the hour and teach online classes with my clients all over the world.  Most of my students are from Spain at the moment. Then I go home for lunch and I have some afternoon classes with students from the Canary Islands.

What do you do in your spare time to relax?  

I go to...

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Helen Waldron - EFL Teacher, Translator, Writer

germany translator writer Feb 18, 2017

Helen Waldron is a veteran EFL teacher who is now making her mark in the ELT materials writing world.  Find out why Helen believes that teacherpreneurs should cultivate their networks and support others as well as the importance of keeping a sense of balance.


Helen, can you start off by telling us where you teach?

I teach freelance in companies around Hamburg, Germany.

How long have you been teaching?

Over 30 years, which makes me a real survivor! I have to add I’ve recently reduced this to 2-3 days a week, and am spending the rest of the week writing company materials and translating. Writing ELT materials is the new adventure.

Can you describe a typical teaching day?

If I’m teaching, I get up earlier than I would like, as I seem to have an odd affinity for teaching techie people (why do they all get up so early?). Having spent years coaching senior managers one to one, I’ve recently returned to teaching elementary and pre-intermediate classes,...

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