Hall Houston and Gerhard Erasmus - EFL teachers and Writers

taiwan writer Dec 04, 2016

Hall Houston and Gerhard Erasmus are the authors of What Teachers Need to Know about Brainstorming.

Where do you teach now? How long have you been teaching?

Hall Houston: I currently teach at Kainan University, located in Luzhu, Taiwan. I have been teaching EFL for over 15 years.

Gerhard Erasmus: I am the Director of Studies at a language school in Taipei, Taiwan and I do quite a bit of teacher training. My favorite has to be tutoring in Delta Module 2, mostly because of how clearly you can see teachers develop over the period of the course and afterward if you manage to stay in contact with them.
How did the idea for your e-book Brainstorming come about?
HH: I read a fascinating book of brainstorming and creative thinking exercises over 10 years ago. The book was Cracking Creativity by Michael Michalko.  I began to read many other books, then wrote my first book, The Creative Classroom, which is a collection of short creative thinking exercises for ESL/EFL...

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