Chris Rush - Online Instructor & Off2Class Account Manager

off2class online teacher Feb 28, 2019

Chris Rush is well-known in the online teaching field.  He balances his time between online teaching and managing Off2Class - an innovative platform that designs high-quality lessons for online instructors.  Chris has had to learn new skills like amateur marketer, copywriter, web developer and sales rep!


1. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day for this interview. Can you start off by telling us where you teach and how long have you been teaching?

Hi, it’s great to participate in this project!  I’ve been teaching ESL online since 2012 when I got certified, and I joined the Off2Class team in October of 2017.

2. Can you describe a typical day?

I only teach once or twice a week – the rest of my time is spent on Off2Class!  I work on lots of projects to help teachers get the most out of the platform, including writing blog posts, managing social media, and responding to customer support requests.

3. Teacher self-care is so...

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