Conrad Wilkinson Schwarz - Founder of Instanteach

instanteach mexico website Jun 12, 2019

Conrad Wilkinson Schwarz was inspired by one of his students to learn how to use AI to develop a website to help busy teachers.  Read more about how he kept learning and going back to the drawing board to get Instanteach right.

1. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day for this interview. Can you start off by telling us where you teach and how long have you been teaching?

I teach English in Mexico City and have been doing so since 2016. At first, I was teaching through agencies and language schools but eventually moved towards getting my own students and working independently. I really enjoyed the freedom it gave me and the fact that the demand for English classes is so high in Mexico was of course really handy.

2. Can you describe a typical day?

Right now I work in an office as a translator. The work is pretty on and off so I spend half the time to running the website, publishing on social media, sending teachers their material and slowly but surely improving the...

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