Teacher to Teacherpreneur Tactics - Teachers taking Risks

courage fears risks Feb 20, 2019

Warm greetings from chilly Canada!  I hope your year is off to a good start.  The sun is brighter and the days are longer - Spring is just around the corner!

In this blog, I talk about the importance of believing in yourself and taking risks, post links to 10 new teacherpreneur interviews (that's a record), provide information about a new company in the UK that supports teachers in finding work outside of teaching and discuss a new freelance online directory called ELT Publishing Professionals.

Teachers taking Risks

I'm not a risk-taker.  Ask anyone who knows me well.  They will tell you that a) I'm not a risk-taker and b) I'm not impulsive or spontaneous.  Are successful teacherpreneurs risk-takers?  Are they courageous?  I think so.

One of the questions that I ask in my teacherpreneur interviews is what advice would you give teachers who are hesitant about "putting themselves" out there?  So far, I have conducted 85 interviews and only ONE...

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