Ryan O'Loughlin - EFL Teacher and e-book/audiobook Writer

audiobooks usa writer Dec 17, 2016

Ryan O'Loughlin spent 4 years teaching in South Korea.  He is back in the US and has found his niche in the ELT market - phrasal verbs. Find out how Ryan promotes his products by using email list building to drive traffic to his website and his advice for teachers who have doubts about becoming teacherpreneurs.

Can you start off by telling us where you teach Ryan?

Actually, I don’t teach in the physical classroom anymore. I spent three years teachings at a public middle school in Seoul, South Korea and one year at an after-school program (just outside of Seoul) teaching elementary students. I used to give English Skype lessons. These days all of my teaching is done online through eBooks and (soon) courses. I actually now live back in the United States with my Korean wife and have a full time job in a completely unrelated field.

How long have you been teaching?

I taught for about four years, all in Korea.  I balance the part-time teaching business with the full...

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