Mateusz Wawrzynowicz - EFL Teacher, Web Designer, Materials Writer

Mateusz Wawrzynowicz is a bilingual teacherpreneur with technical skills that he used to design his own website.  Read why he thinks that we have nothing to lose by becoming a teacherpreneur and why being open and trying new things can make your students love English even more.

1. Mateusz, can you start off by telling us where you teach?

I'm an ESL teacher in Poland. I teach kids aged 3-15. I work at a primary school as well as a language school. I also teach adults preparing for FCE and CAE exams.

2. How long have you been teaching?

It's been 9 years.

3. Can you describe a typical teaching day?

I'm always pretty busy. I start classes with my primary students at 8 a.m. and finish at 2 p.m. Next, it's time for the language school where I teach. I usually finish at about 7 p.m.    

4. Teacher self-care is so important.  How do you relax?

I go out as much as I can. I often meet my friends but I also try to be active. I jog whenever I can in the evenings.  

5. You took on the challenge of designing a website. Can you talk a bit about it?

I've always been creating my own resources since finding stuff which reflects your students' level of English and also their needs hasn't always been easy. I dawned on me that sharing the things I created could be a good idea in April 2016 and so I started my own website.  English Teacher’s Corner offers both free and paid teaching resources. You can find here a lot of resources such as song and video worksheets, flashcards, taboo cards and bundles of resources devoted to teaching specific areas of grammar and vocabulary in a fun way.

6. Where can we find your resources?

All of my resources are on my website at  

7. Do you have any plans for other resources?

I add a new pack/resource bundle every weekend. I'm working on one now as well.

8. How do you promote or market your resources?

I use Facebook. I try to post in as many groups for English teachers as possible.

9. What advice would you give to non-native speakers of English who would like to use their skills to become teacherpreneurs?

Just go for it. There's nothing stopping you. Natives obviously know English better than we do but we have the knowledge of what's difficult for learners from our countries. Let's put that to good use.

10. Do you do everything yourself or do you have someone help with the technical aspects, etc.?

No, it's all me. The site and the resources are my baby.

11. Where can people find you on social media?




12. What have you had to do outside of your comfort zone as a teacherpreneur?

Nothing. Learning new skills such as having your own site is both fun and useful. It also gives a lot of satisfaction and is totally worth the effort you need to put into it.

13. What skills did you gain from classroom teaching that have allowed you to excel as a teacherpreneur?

I know what a good and fun lesson should be like. I know my students' expectations and I also realise it's not easy to get their attention.

14. What advice would you give to teachers who are considering becoming a teacherpreneur?

Do it! You've got a lot to share with other teachers. Also, remember that creating your own teaching resources is quite time-consuming.

15. I talk to many teachers about their fear or doubt in trying something new or "putting themselves out there". What advice would you give to these teachers?

You have nothing to lose. Being open and trying new things can make your students love English even more and it can be the start of a beautiful journey.

Thanks so much.  All the best to you.  


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